Farm Rules

Please read and follow all farm rules. Following the rules will help make your experience at our farm safe and fun for everyone. Anyone violating these rules will be asked to leave, without a refund.

1) No smoking inside the gates. Smoking is only allowed in the parking lot.

2) Alcohol is prohibited on the premises.

3) Do not pick corn and sunflowers unless you are purchasing them.

4) Do not knock over or destroy corn stalks in the maze.

5) In the maze, stay on the 7ft. wide paths. Do not walk, run or dart through the cron stalks. 

6) Do not throw corn

7) Do not throw or smash pumpkins.

8) Follow attraction rules that are posted at each attraction. 

9) Please be courteous and aware of others around you

10) No dogs and/or pets allowed at the farm

Thank you for following these rules! Be safe and have fun!